Before You Book


A limited number of rooms are now on sale to the general public! Please review the information below and proceed with your reservation.  There may only be one or two rooms left in some categories so be sure to have a few choices in mind.  

To reseve a room all you will need is a $250 deposit per person, and then make 2 more equal payments on September 5th and October 3rd.   You will need to name the additional guests in your reservation by September 5th or Name Addition fees will apply.  Regular Cancellation Policies will apply.

If you've already booked, and you wish to examine or edit your reservation, Log in to Cloud 9 Reservations


Each person attending Mayan Holidaze will be required to register for an account at Cloud 9 Reservations. You can register for an account HERE.  If you have traveled on a Cloud 9 Adventure before please do not register for another account or you risk losing your valuable trip history!  

If you forgot your Cloud 9 Account username or password, you can retrieve them by following the instructions HERE. If you still cannot retrieve your account information contact the Cloud 9 Travel Department.



The guest that places the reservation is considered the "lead guest" and is the "owner" of the reservation. The lead guest is  responsible for keeping the reservation payments current. Only the lead guest can add a guest or change a guest in a reservation.



If you know who will be traveling with you prior to making your reservation, have them register before you reserve and you can add them easily at the time you make your reservation online. If you don't know who your roommate will be prior to reserving, no problem, you can add them anytime according to the guidelines HERE.